Fireside Chat


Fireside Chat

Lewis Prescott
Bas Dijkstra
Dave Farley
11:45 / 06:45 / 20:45
10th October
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Fireside Chat with Bas, Lewis & Dave

Lewis Prescott is a QA Lead at Isla Care. He specializes in API and Contract testing, and especially enjoys pair programming and training developers to be better testers.

Bas Dijkstra is an independent test automation consultant and trainer, who has been active in the test automation field for some 17 years now, and has worked on software testing and automation solutions across a wide range of programming languages, frameworks and technology stacks.

Dave is a pioneer of Continuous Delivery, thought-leader and expert practitioner in CD, DevOps, TDD and software design, and has a long track record in creating high-performance teams, shaping organisations for success, and creating outstanding software.

Pitch your questions, and hear Bas, Lewis & Dave discuss challenges past and present, and looking forward to the future of testing and testing automation

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