Opening Keynote

Testing The Boundaries


Opening Keynote

Sam Newman
10:45 / 05:45 / 19:45
10th October
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Opening Keynote Testing The Boundaries

As organisations have moved to become more autonomous, we've found that things we relied on in the past are holding us back. One of the key factors that increasing numbers of organisations are focusing on is their architecture.

Coupled, monolithic architectures can lead to teams moving in lock step. Large end-to-end test cycles can restrict the ability of teams to ship code.

In this talk I'll look at the interplay between organisation and architecture, looking at the new boundaries that we are creating.

In that context, I'll examine the challenges we face in moving faster - and show how consumer-driven contracts and explicit schemas can be key to making this all work.

"Where we're going, we don't need servers!"
Sam Newman
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